Sunday, December 13, 2009

Back In Action

Fringe is pleased to introduce our first artist in residence Ute Waldenhausen from Berlin. She will be living in Los Angeles until May and working on her new project Karton Vivant. While here she will be conducting extensive research on motors and materials including tests with microprocessor controllers and electromagnets. Intended as an open experiment using reappropriated technologies with an agenda of improvisation and subversion, kinetic objects engage with the visual and acoustic environments in public spaces.

In the New Year the artist resident program will continue to invite and support the projects of artists that work at the intersection of art, science, and technology. Fringe is interested in expanding the network and creating global connections in this experimental arena. In 2010 Fringe will operate completely outside the box. Other new exciting projects are in development; stay tuned for more details in the future.

This season will be especially bright, Happy Holidaze!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Fringe Friends

Scott Draves


Los Angeles Premier


Tuesdy, November 3 at 8:30

Kent Anderson Butler


November 3 - December 18

Reception November 19th from 5 - 8PM

Carl Berg Projects at Pacific Design Center, Los Angeles

The Yes Men

The Yes Men Fix the World

Los Angeles Premier

November 6

Laemmle Sunset, West Hollywood and Playhouse Theater, Pasadena

Kadet Kuhne

Video Installation and Performance Art

November 13 - December 13

Reception November 13 from 6-9PM

Marina Abramovic Institute, San Francisco

Holding Patterns and Collective Memories

December 4 from 7:30-9:30PM

Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Bay Buzz

Some upcoming events in The Bay Area

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Season Openers

Jody Zellen
"The Unemployed" in the group exhibition "Over FLow: Horror Vacui in an age of information Abundance"
at the Cerritos College Art Gallery, Norwalk, CA
Sept. 15 - Nov. 5

Eric Leiser
Melt Gallery
7522 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles
Sept. 4 - Oct. 2

Erebuni Gallery
158 Roebling St, Brooklyn
Sept. 18 - Oct. 17

Pre-Final Fest
Oct. 17

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Prolific Stimulus Package

Monica and Matt Furmanski along with their three children, set out on a year long trip around the world. Check out their Blog to follow their amazing

Joan Perlman
Summer - Artist in Residence in Reykjavik, Iceland
November - Ucross Foundation Residency Program, Clearmont, Wyoming.

Meridith Pingree
Scattered Logic
The Texas Firehouse in Long Island City, NY
July 25 – August 1
Awarded professional development grant from RISD
Commissioned sculpture at the BakerIE

Danial Nord
Heartbreak Hotel
Freight + Volume, New York City
August – September 12

Robert Wysock
Land, Sea, Air
Huntinton Beach Art Center
August 1 – September 6

Kal Spelletich
The Herb Alpert Upper Body Hydro-Pneumatic Pulsation Vacuo Engine Jack Hanely, New York City
August 6 – September 5
Closing party exravaganza with live music, September 3, 6 - 9 PM

Will Pappeheimer and Craig Freeman
Virta Flaeurazine
ISEA, Belfast, Ireland
August 23 – September 1

Eduardo Kac
Natural History of the Enigma
Ars Electronica
Linz, Austria, September 3- 8

Chris Csiksentmihalyi
Jennifer and Kevin McCoy

e-ArtsBeyond, eArts Festival
Shanghi, September 10- 20

Kent Anderson Butler
Florida Gulf Coast University
September 3 – October 9

Ray Rapp
Kuf/Mold, Rotterdam
September 26 – October 24, 2009

Jordan Biren
Because The Night
Chapman University, Orange, CA
October 19 – November 13

Kadet Kuhne
September 27 & 28
Live audiovisual performance at San Francisco Art Institute
sponsored by Volume Projects and Swissnex

October 3
Fight or Flight audiovisual installation at SOUNDWALK 2009
Long Beach, CA

October 9-17
Fight or Flight video short screening at Antimatter Film Festival
Victoria, BC

December 4
Live audiovisual performance at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts
San Francisco, 8PM

Eileen Cowin
In Focus: Making a Scene
Getty Center
June 30 - October 18

Saturday, July 4, 2009

7 Year Itch

July 6, 2002 is the seven year anniversary of my first SRL show which was part of the e-motion exhibition I curated at POST in Los Angeles. It was also the sevnth year of exhibitions at POST. The gallery continued to operate for another 3 years culminating in a 10th anniversary celebration in July 2005 of amazing shows by incrdeable artists, whata run! POST has recently re-opened after a hiatus, congratulations to Habib are in order for fireing up the engines again. Below are links to images and SRL video from e-motion including Kent Anderson Butler, Casey Hanrahan, Kristine Marx, Yucef Merhi, Erwin Redl, and James Rouvelle. I look forward to what is yet to come, SJ

Monday, May 18, 2009

New Prospects

After 25 years, on april 17, 2009 SRL officially moved out of the shop in San Francisco to the new headquarters north of the city in petaluma. See link below for feature article, the video is narrated by Mark Pauline.

Eduardo Kac has received the Golden Nica Award for his new work,
"Natural History of the Enigma" in the field of media arts awarded by Ars Electronica. The public ceremony and Ars Electronica Gala, will take place on September 4th, 2009 in Linz, Austria.


Sunday, May 3, 2009

On the Road Again

I am now road worthy, passed my driving test. Just went through a battery of medical tests for the three month mark. Things couldnt be better, I am almost as good as new. Working on two new research projects to gear up for future shows. Going to start doing some traveling during the summer. Not many people get a second chance, I intend to make the most of mine.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Great Balls of Fire

4 years ago on April 2, 2005 SRL did a live show at Dangerous Curve in downtown Los Angeles. I am eternally grateful to have the opportunity to work with Mark Pauline and the entire SRL crew as well as Tim and Kathy from Dangerous Curve for their unwavering support. So much has evolved since then especially with the opening of Fringe in chinatown. I am extremely grateful to all the artists that ive had the good fortune to work with during the three year run of projects at Fringe in chinatown. I look forward to producing new and interesting projects next year. no doubt, the support and well wishes everyone sent my way after my medical emergency are what got me through. I am happy to be alive and well, and am completely optimistic about the future.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


Saturday, February 28, 2009
theres no place like home, finally slept in my own bed. going to
continue with outpatient therapy this week. i exceeded all my doctors
expectations. should be road worthy by May. still have health issues
from the initial medical disaster, so far nothing that cant be managed.
will be spending most of my time going to see specialists and working
on recovery. todd has been a great inspiration for me. things are
looking up, sj

Friday, February 6, 2009

Sue's Mix from Ray Rapp

an analogy of catastrophic proportions

On January 9, I was hit by a truck and run over by a bus at UCLA Santa Monica Hospital. Despite all odds, I survived and expect to make a full recovery...with lots of therapy. 
I am touched by everyone who has reached out to me. 
For now my primary focus must be on my recovery. 
I cannot respond to any correspondence or accept phone calls. 
Comments can be left on the blog.

Monday, February 2, 2009

welcome to the fringe blog

Fringe Exhibitions closed its chinatown space in December please check back for news about future exhibitions.