Friday, February 6, 2009

an analogy of catastrophic proportions

On January 9, I was hit by a truck and run over by a bus at UCLA Santa Monica Hospital. Despite all odds, I survived and expect to make a full recovery...with lots of therapy. 
I am touched by everyone who has reached out to me. 
For now my primary focus must be on my recovery. 
I cannot respond to any correspondence or accept phone calls. 
Comments can be left on the blog.


  1. Hi Dear,
    Just checking the blog to see what's the news...
    Looking forward to seeing you asap.
    Call if U need anything or want a visitor. I'll certainly be out that way because of the Riverside show...

  2. Too bad it wasn't the beer truck...

    Here's hoping that you make it 200ft soon, to the exit door. Although those are rather posh digs.


  3. Thinking about you all the time! With love from your pals up north- A&BJenkins

  4. Sending you loads of love and healing power from your SRL family.
    hugs and love, babaLou

  5. There's no public transportation in LA and when there is, it hits one of our best. Go figure. Hope you're up for a visit soon- keep us posted if there's anything you need.



  6. Susan, I had no idea and am so sorry to hear about your accident. I hope you're well on your way to recovery. Please let me know when it's possible to visit you. Alexis Weidig sends her love and we both look forward to being able to see you soon. Best wishes for a speedy recovery and lots of love your way, Elizabeta

  7. Susan -- that's awful, but you're also sooo lucky.

    Sending positive energy -

    - Meridith

  8. OH MY GOSH! I had to read this twice because I thought it was a metaphor for something..but you are serious!! Hit by a truck and run over by a bus??? Oh Susan, what the he--? Please let us know what you need! and get well soon!
    best wishes

  9. hi sue,

    keep on keeping on!


    denise, ed, lucca

  10. We are surrounding you with white light. Let us know if there is anything else we can do of a more material nature.

    Love and Smiles,

    Kathy and Tim

  11. wow! that is crazy!!!! i didn't hear about the accident either. i hope you are doing ok. and recovery is moving forward. sending good thoughts.

  12. Dear Sue,
    Life is a mystery hidden in the nonexistence of the known. The meaning of its happening is the happening itself. Now, that I am in a remote mountain, in the earthy consciousness of this world, I write these words to remind you of some strange miracle that I can’t quite remember. We are alive, Susan. We are awake. Yet, the universe is a dream world.
    Love and health,

  13. Hey Sue,
    New Orleans sends its regards - get well soon. I'm in L.A. till the end of March feel.. free to put me to use if required. You've been a big help to me in the past so let me return the favor.

    Gerard McLaughlin

  14. Hi Sue,

    Ursula and I have been thinking of you everyday, wishing you the best and fullest recovery. I'm sure the metaphors are quite inadequate after all. I'm confident your spirit, energies, and being will defy any odds. HOPE TO SEE YOU UP AND AROUND SOON!!!

    Sending our best thoughts to you and John,

  15. Susan, I wish you a speedy recovery. so sad to hear the news, i just read the blog post. You are in my thoughts. Get well soon. Big Hug.
    Best, Luther